The House Party Radio Show

« Hello Party People and welcome to THE HOUSE PARTY radio show!

Strictly dedicated to all kinds of HOUSE Music, this is the first and longest-running house music radio show out of Luxembourg.

It all started back in 1991 and we’re grateful to Radio ARA who was the first one to believe in a live mix radio show. Time hasn’t shown us wrong: House is definitely here to stay and now THE HOUSE PARTY DJs - MG, CAVALLINO and EDDI GEE - have teamed up to perform a weekly 90 minutes mix of the finest House music - From pure scratchy Vinyl to CDs to digital, we did and do it all ! On the air and on the Net, Radio ARA and THE HOUSE PARTY stays…in the Mix! 

Listen to it live on Saturdays 8:30pm (Paris time) at 102.9FM in Luxemburg or as a podcast, on your favourite Internet Radio App, smartphone or sound system.

This is Radio ARA and this is THE HOUSE PARTY…  IN THE MIIIIXXXXX ! »


Radio ARA
Radio ARA is the only independent radio station in Luxemburg!
Dj Cavallino
Music is Magic